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To start with, allow me say thanks to the people at Bleacher Record UK that provided me a telephone call this summer to join them with the amazing job they have on their hands. There was very little to think of– B/R is among the major online football labels and to be component of it is a privilege.

But now for the (hopefully) good stuff. I have tried to spend the last 2 months far from the Twitter globe, stay away from sports newspapers and football disputes, escape from those on the seaside that intended to discuss soccer.

All I wished to do was to focus on having a half day of happy times (and the landscapes of the Costa Brava– for me, the most effective shore worldwide– allowed that) and an additional half day of effective writing (I have 5 weeks to complete my brand-new book, a study of Leo Messi that is taking me to lots of unforeseen roadways– the trials emigrants face, the sacrifices should come to be a world-class player, the troubles of the initial years, exactly how he practically signed for an English Premier league team).

So it is all about money now, unless Madrid persuade Levy and AVB to feature a player that is surplus to the demands at the Bernabeu (like Fabio Coentrao). And Levy prefers around EUR120 thousand.

And this is where it gets truly appealing. Levy, whom I appreciate for the stand he takes for his club and his professionalism and reliability, would certainly take the settlements to the last day of August although he understands very clearly that Bale wants to sign up with the Madrid club.

Yet … AVB, Madrid, Bundle and his reps (i.e., everybody else) would like every little thing to be sorted much earlier. Genuine Madrid thinks that the 7 factors shed at the beginning of the season by Spurs as the Luka Modric circumstance was sorted out work in their support– the on-going arrangements with Bale might have an unfavorable effect on the side.

Levy believes in different ways. He is buying the gamers AVB has been requesting for and some more will certainly show up in the next couple of days if everything goes according to strategy. The group is ready for the Premier League. And he does not need to offer.

So … what are the chances on Bale leaving on the last day or two of the transfer market?

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