MLB Update Bryce Harper Career-Threatening Injuries


A couple weeks ago, I wrote an open letter to Bryce Harper asking him to never ever transform. I made it clear that it involved your man maintaining his design of play, as Bryce Harper simply isn’t really Bryce Harper without the Tasmanian Devil method to the game.

I’m feeling conflicted on the matter now. As a matter of fact, I’ll be damned if I do not feel a shred of obligation for what happened to Harper on Monday evening throughout the Washington Nationals’ 6-2 sway the L.a Dodgers at Dodger Arena.

You saw it, right?

If no, you could see it listed here. If yes, well, you could re-watch it below.

It was an accident as odd as it was intense. Harper merely appeared to have no idea of his whereabouts then, BAM, face satisfied fencing. When he hit the deck and the blood started to flow, it looked bad.

The good news is that it’s not. Harper walked off under his own power, and the word from Adam Kilgore of the Washington Blog post is that Harper did not go through a concussion. It was merely a jammed left shoulder and a cut under his chin that needed 11 stitches. He could just miss a game or two.

Go ahead and allow out a sigh of relief, fellow Harper supporters.

Already for the required concern, the very one that’s offering me reservations: Does Harper should change his style of play before he drives his limits too far? All the same, stating that Harper conforms recklessly fits practically in addition to saying that he plays the game hard. And either way, it doesn’t seem like he’s about to have a look in the mirror.

Due to the fact that I virtually begged your man to never transform merely a couple weeks ago, that ought to be merely fine with me. However also I understand that now’s a good time for Harper to take a look in the mirror, as the month of May has actually been a rugged one in relation to his design of play obtaining him or her in trouble. Previously this month, Harper went through a lat injury when he hit the outfield fence at Turner Industry attempting to rob Tim Hudson of a homer. Much less than two weeks later, there he performed Monday evening losing track of where he was and going face-first in to Dodger Arena’s ideal industry fence.

Harper should consider themselves lucky that he didn’t go through much more serious traumas. Such things have actually been understood to happen when outfielders ram walls.

Mlb update bryce harper career threatening injuries1 MLB Update Bryce Harper Career Threatening Injuries