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When Zack Greinke damaged his collarbone in a crash with a really mad Carlos Quentin last month, the word was that the Los Angeles Dodgers would certainly have to make do without their $147 thousand right-hander for 8 weeks.

So much for that. Greinke’s visiting be back a whole lot faster, and not a minute too soon as for the Dodgers are worried. They could use a great pick-me-up.

Greinke last began on April 11 and had surgery a couple of days later, so an eight-week remain on the DL has developed into a five-week keep. An enjoyable shock if there ever before was one.

I thought about captivating the idea that Greinke’s return could possibly be exactly what the Dodgers have to get them back towards the top of the NL West, but only for about, oh, 5 seconds. The Dodgers have been a clutter in the month of May, and Greinke is only one person. A beginning bottle, at that. He’s only visiting be able to assist so much.

When it comes to the amount of Greinke can help the Dodgers, the only thing that’s certain is that he won’t be any kind of even worse compared to the different fill-ins the club has had to plug in during his lack.

But are the Dodgers really getting that version of Greinke back?

It’s an excellent question. I honestly don’t bear in mind the last time a pitcher endured an injury like Greinke’s, and neither Google neither Baseball Program’ deals browser proved to be much aid.

However, Bleacher Report trauma professional Will Carroll looked at the situation last month and composed that Greinke needs to have “no actual difficulty” in his return. His word is excellent sufficient for me.

But that’s certainly where the “only a starting pitcher” part comes into play.

The Dodgers are 7 games under.500 heading into their Tuesday evening matchup versus the Washington Nationals. Greinke could possibly come back, make 25 starts and the Dodgers can win each one of them and recover cost in other places, and you’re only discussing an 18-game swing that would make them a 90-win team. The San Francisco Giants, at the same time, perform a 98-win pace.

And obviously, it’s silly to think that the Dodgers will certainly win every among Greinke’s starts the other way. To also have a go at the 90-win plateau, they’re going to need to gain most of his beginnings and do better compared to break even in competitions started by everyone else.

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