Most Overrated Soccer Players in the World


These players do not have something extra ordinary in their game but the fans simply love them. Sometimes they turn into such big players because they have a spouse who is a celebrity or because they have performed well only in a couple of high profile matches. Once fans start treating them like big players, companies run after such players and sign them as ambassadors, and then they get important roles in advertisements. This is why players become overrated. According to the fans, here are the most overrated players.

David Beckham

The British player David Beckham is one of the most overrated soccer players. He is a very good player but does not have the outstanding game that his fame suggests. He is a midfielder and is known for his free kicks. It is true that when he joined Manchester United, he won some major titles for the team, but after that he could not prove himself to be the player he was when he played for Manchester United. Even as the captain of the English team he was not able to perform. Real Madrid and L.A Galaxy signed him for huge sums, but I feel that he was not worth it purely as a soccer player. He is more of a celebrity than a player, partly because he got married to the former Spice Girl, Victoria Adams.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney is an English player and plays for Manchester United. His fans love him no matter how poor he plays. He plays as a striker and does not deserve his ranking as the top English striker. There is no doubt that he played incredibly well when he started off his career, but in the past few years he has failed to perform as well, and still remains the number one seen in the Manchester United team. He wasn’t impressive at all in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres is a Spanish player and plays for Chelsea. He had a very poor 2010 FIFA World Cup even though his team won the title. He was in fact dropped and never played in the final. With players like Villa, Cesc, Xavi etc on the team, you should be able to score quite a lot of goals. Despite this fact, and despite the fact that he has been playing very averagely for Liverpool this season, the fans admire him a lot.

Didier Drogba

Drogba is an Ivorian player and currently plays for Chelsea. Huge hype surrounded Drogba prior to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, but he did not live up to it. Chelsea bought him for £24 million which made him the highest paid Ivorian player ever. He didn’t performed for Chelsea this last season as much as his hype suggests, and the amount they are paying for him seems outrageous.