Review History Eraser Andriod App


A mobile phone is an extremely versatile little tool. Phoning, searching, sending out e-mail and TEXT, enjoying videos and lots more: all in one attractive package deal. The disadvantage is that all your activity is recorded, including search history. The searches and cache use up a reasonable quantity of room, often a lot so that it will really influence a device’s performance.

he app History Eraser is precisely how its name recommends: a giant eraser/rubber to help free you of app cache. This eliminates even more space within storage space as well as helps boost the device’s overall efficiency. A win-win scenario, particularly when you consider that the space gobbled by cache is in some cases ten times larger than a real app itself. So you can easily just imagine exactly what your storage space resembles if you’ve installed numerous apps, some of which will be running concurrently.

I opened History Eraser and, lo and behold, my 60 apps are taking up more than 260 MEGABYTES for the cache. My Galaxy Nexus can easily handle it, but older generation gadgets might begin sputtering at this factor.

History Eraser does exactly what it promises to do and is really dependable. More free space indicates the device will certainly provide a better efficiency (which, naturally is contingent on the device itself). I took care of to clear 270 MB of cache and felt fairly pleased, like after a great springtime cleaning;).

Review history eraser andriod app1 Review History Eraser Andriod App