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America’s best foreign Athletes in sports


Together with his recent announcement that his playing days with MLS' Los Angeles Galaxy are visiting an finish, global icon David Beckham ended that which was a brave experiment released by America's No. 1 soccer league and something of their

Top Sports Couples and Best sports marriages


Sometimes, only a sports athlete is the best partner in existence for an additional athlete, so when a union happens, us mere mortals are only able to relax and fantasize regarding their future offspring. Have a look at our sports

Coolest Athletes in the World – Ted Turner


On the mild August day in 1977, I adopted Ted Turner because he strode from a pier in Newport, Rhode Island, where his Courageous had just won the authority to defend the America's Cup. He was known then because the

The Greatest Playoff Rivalries in Sports


Canadians-Bruins ... it doesn't get much better than this in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Both teams are still stewing over Zdeno Chara's brutal shot on the Habs' Max Pacioretty in a regular-season game that knocked the latter unconscious and prompted

Olympic 2012: Top international sports stories


On July 28, the British capital launched its third modern Olympic Games - London 2012, described by the organizer as “an athletes' Games”. It attracted 10,490 athletes from 204 countries and regions. A total of 44 world records and 117

Top international sports accidents 2012


Seventy-four people were killed and hundreds were injured in a riot breaking out following a soccer match in northern Egypt on Feb 1. Lance Armstrong, one of cycling's greatest heroes, fell from his throne, being labelled as a dope cheat

Top Five Oddest Sports in the world


In the past, television air time was considered to be quite valuable. However, I suppose in this age of reality television and absolutely mundane and literally yawn-provoking television shows, this adage is no longer true. There are more channels than

Picabo Street: Top youngsters in the world of skiing


Picabo Street has been listed as the eighth talent in the world for downhill skiing. Overcoming incredible odds, she trained with the U.S. ski team at an incredibly young age and later became the first American woman in history to