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World Football Best Player Cristiano Ronaldo


Mock Cristiano Ronaldo at your own risk. Not only did the Portuguese demand an apology from Sepp Blatter for the FIFA kingpin's mildly disparaging comments about him at an Oxford Union presentation, he then proceeded to score a hat-trick in

World Football Best Player Sergio Aguero


Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini seems to have figured out how to get the best out of Sergio Aguero. Kun has repaid the faith the Chilean coach has put in him. He scored six goals and made three assists for

World Football Best Player Diego Costa


You know you must be doing something right when you've got two of the favorites for next year's World Cup fighting over you. Diego Costa recently pledged his allegiance to Spain, angering many back in his native Brazil, but the

World Football Best Player Luis Suarez


Following an enforced absence through suspension at the start of the season, Luis Suarez is now really getting into the swing of things for Liverpool. The snappy Uruguayan netted to help his national team overcome arch-rivals Argentina in Montevideo before

World Football Best Player Aaron Ramsey


Dynamic midfielder Aaron Ramsey may not have kept up his frantic scoring rate from September, but his excellent form continued to play a part in keeping Arsenal at the top of the Premier League ladder. The stats show one goal

World Football Best Player Henrikh Mkhitaryan


Armenian playmaker Henrikh Mkhitaryan was the ringleader of his Borussia Dortmund side's 3-1 win over Schalke 04 in the Bundesliga on the weekend, demonstrating the best of his creative abilities. That showing rounded out a wonderful month for the 24-year-old,

World Football Best Player Wayne Rooney


When things are going right for Wayne Rooney, whichever team he is playing for—be it England or Manchester United—looks so much better. And the 28-year-old has played very well for both sides in the past month. Rooney scored in each

World Football Best Player Olivier Giroud


The Arsenal machine has been humming with beautiful synchronicity this season, and Olivier Giroud has both benefited from, and contributed to, the Gunners’ dazzling form. The Frenchman had a hectic month, playing eight games for club and country, but he

World Football Best Player Gareth Bale


An inclusion that will no doubt raise a few eyebrows, the Welshman makes it on to the list on the basis of one standout performance. Hobbled by niggling injury, Gareth Bale had made a decidedly unimpressive start to his Real

World Football Best Player Morgan De Sanctis


In three Serie A games in October, Roma custodian Morgan De Sanctis continued his impressive recent streak by not allowing a goal, which dates back to September 16. He is now vying for the all-time Roma club record of 774