WWE CM Punk Player News Report


The unspoken guideline of expert fumbling is easy– for each heel turn, there has to be a contrary face resort to harmonize the universe.

Now that I have described physics, wrestling-style, permit’s head to the subject as it associates with CM Punk and his “bestfriend,” CM Punk.

Consider this as the $64,000 concern the WWE should answer. It would certainly appear Punk’s eventual turn (from the assistance of Curtis Axel) this week and “eventual” conflict with Brock Lesnar should lead any kind of one of us to ask the knotty question, “Who takes Punk’s area in Heyman’s food cycle?”.

I have been blunt about the desire to see Punk and Lesnar in the band and have even doubted whether now is the right time for that mountain to blow up. Whether we desire it now or otherwise, it appears like we are getting it.

There will certainly be some stumbling blocks en route, like a Curtis Axel interference and a succeeding battle between the two “Paul Heyman Guys” yet ultimately, both former WWE champions will clash.

Right now, Paul Heyman’s mastery and his hands in a lot of cookie jars shows exactly how fantastic of a character he is. Deciding on Punk’s eventual replace will again show his achievement.

Wwe cm punk player news report1 WWE CM Punk Player News Report